Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes! I'm doing a bit better - although not 100% yet... It sounds like some kind of nasty bug has been doing the rounds - my holiday wish is that it by-passes all of you and your families for the rest of this season.

My queue has been over-run with Thanksgiving cooking plans. Turkey, stuffing, ham, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, dilled green beans, etc. - the whole shebang! This is my favorite holiday and favorite meal of the whole year!

How about you? What are your plans for the holiday? I hope your day is filled with good food and the joy and laughter of being with family and good friends! :)


julia said...

My plans are to sit back and enjoy my family, now that my house is all nice and clean. That's right, I provide the house, drink, bread, and maybe one casserole. My husband cooks the turkey, but everyone else brings everything else. This gives me incentive to get my house clean!

meredithp said...

We go out to a restaurant! No over-eating, no leftovers, no effort! Very nice, but then it's only the two of us and we enjoy our "tradition".

Summerset said...

Just a family traditional dinner! Happy Thanksgiving and Better Health to you!