Thursday, July 2, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to BConky, Cause, Donna, Elaina, Lindsay T, Mamafitz, Summerset, Gwen, Elizabeth, Kathy, Cindy and Claire S for talking back to me and Kathy! Kathy asked when people are able to fit their sewing into their lives.

I think the best overall summary is that EVERYONE is BUSY and each person does the best she can to find those moments that fit into her life... Some prefer sewing in the mornings and tend to make mistakes if they try to do too much sewing in the evenings. Others only sew at night, because they are interrupted too much during the day. Some prefer weekends, while others primarily sew during the week.

Cause described the system that she uses to space her sewing out over 30-45 minute blocks of time that she can fit into her evenings after work. She has figured out how to divide the whole process of sewing a single garment into stages (kind of like "bite-sized chunks"). If you are struggling to find a way to fit sewing into your life, check out her system (here)!

This reminds me of a tip that I read once for those times when you are splitting your sewing across multiple sessions. The author recommended that you always end one session by doing all the prep work for the next session. For example, even if you don't have time to start sewing in your current session, take the time to fill the bobbin and thread the machine. Similarly, if you don't have time to sew the hem, at least mark it and/or pin it up. The idea is that, if the prep work is done, it'll be easier to get up and running and be productive during your next session. In addition, the author argued that if the prep work is already done, you'll be less likely to procrastinate picking up your project again! Does anyone do this? (I try to.) What do you think?

So, back to your answers to Kathy's question, I guess it just goes to show that sewing is our passion and no matter how busy we are, we find a way to do the things that we love! :)

Thanks again, everyone! :)

Photo credit: John-Morgan