Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

How do I let myself get talked into these things? My mother-in-law and her two great-granddaughters just spent a few days with us, and practically the first words out of the girls' mouths when I saw them was, "Aunt Gwen! Can we go to the fabric store?"

The older one, 12, picked the same pattern that we made together last summer - the top featured on the left of this Simplicity pattern:

Last year she and I made it together in a stiff cotton - pink with angels and sparkles. (She also made the shorts that she's wearing in this picture!)

This year she selected a bright blue polyester with sparkles. We got quite a bit of it done over the weekend...

All I have left to do is add the trim - a strip of silver sequins along the bodice. Not sure how I'm going to attach it - I'm afraid the machine needle will shatter the sequins. :(

Next week I'll show you what the 8-year-old picked out. I haven't started that yet...but, don't worry, I'll get to it. It's in the queue! ;)


gwensews said...

Cute top! Perhaps that niece is a budding fashion designer? There are specific sewing machine feet for attaching sequin trim. If your machine brand doesn't have one, then Creative Feet has foot that is generic. BTW--there are 3 Creative Feet, and they are super!

Summerset said...

You could use a wide zigzag and stitch over the strim - effectively trapping it under the stitching so that you don't have stitch through the sequins. A few hand stitches through the sequins at the ends should secure the ends easily.