Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to BConky, Shannon, Annie, Ivalyn, Uta, Gwen, Cindy, Sue, Becky, Summerset and Sarah for talking back to last week's question! Gwen of All My Seams asked what colors everyone likes to wear and why.

People split pretty evenly on whether or not they align themselves with a published color system. About half of the commenters referred to the Color Me Beautiful System (with 1 Summer, 5 Autumns and 1 Winter). The other half stressed variety - basing their color choices on their current mood or job, or the season. A few people talked about how their color preferences have changed over time.

The thing that was true across the board was that people know what they like and are passionate about color! :)

As far as specific colors go, pink didn't fare so well in the tally, but I was intrigued by how many people called out red as making them feel powerful, energetic and happy. I may have to give it a try and put on some red when I'm anticipating a challenging day...

Thanks again, everyone! As always, I loved reading your stories!

So, I won't be posting for a couple of weeks - I'll miss you and look forward to being back. In the meantime, happy sewing to everyone!

Photo credit: kalandrakas


Nancy Winningham said...

Well, I hope you'll be off line for good things - we'll definitely miss your posts, but look forward to see what you have to say when you return. Be well