Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Confession

I don't know about you, but I've really been enjoying the guest questions that have been running here for the last month or so. Of course, it's nice to get a break from having to come up with my own "confession" each week. But more than that, there have been some really interesting questions that have brought out a lot of wonderful stories and useful information!

Today's guest question is from Gwen of All My Seams. Gwen would like to know about your choice of colors - what do you wear and why?

I'd like to add to her question by asking about schemes - do you subscribe to any particular scheme for finding your best colors? For example, do you use the season scheme where people are classified as being either a Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?

Personally, pink I like pink warm pink and bright pink colors. ;)

How about you? We'd love to hear how you think about colors and color schemes! :)

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BConky said...

I wear what I like but I'm aware of being an Autumn color palete. I'm a big girl and stay away from really bright colors because it's just to much on someone who's large.

Shannon said...

Well, with red hair and green eyes, I try to stick with an autumn palette - orange, green, brown, mustard, tomato, periwinkle, rust, etc. I look like death in black and I can't carry off a pastel to save my life (and sorry, but pink and I don't get along - too girly, too clashy with my hair and

I am a Color Me Beautiful fan from back in the 80s and I still think these colour categories are typically pretty dead on. I have a blonde haired, blue eyed friend that tries to wear the same colours that I do and it ain't pretty. I try to steer her toward pinks, blues, aquas and seafoams as often as I can (and she always gets compliments in these colours), but she always seems set on the autumn palette in the end. Oh well, at least I try! :)

Annie said...

Colors that appeal to me, I discovered through the "Color Me Beautiful" scheme, are the ones that look best on me. Lime green, as an example, makes me look putrid. I'm a "winter," so that deep tones suit me best. I've always loved maroon/burgundy - even wore it as part of a catholic school uniform - and I never fail to get compliments whenever I wear it. And pink is my friend - it makes me feel girly and do I ever need that some days!

Tee said...

I'm African American with what I call nutmeg cinnaminny coloring and find that just about any bright color looks good on me. I don't have favorite colors and don't pay attention to what colors are "in" at all. I do someimes hold fabrics up to me and see if When I think about it, the only color I don't wear much is brown. I love deep pinks and blues on me.

Uta said...

I have realized just recently that I need a "fresh" color scheme now and then or I'll get bored. This usually goes with the seasons, so jewel colors for winter, dark pastels/light greens for spring, brights for summer, deep foliage tones for fall.
Also, different colors transport different moods and go with different situations. E.g., in the course of a week I'll wear black/gray/white with accent colors for business (very conservative), and colorful stuff for being with my little kids. Although I believe I'm an autumn (rusty orange makes me sparkle), I'm led more by my taste in colors than carrying around swatches of colors I "should" wear. As I said, I do wear "forbidden" colors for the image/mood. Also, I find that I have favorite colors that change every five years or so. I had several years of all sorts of reds, now I buy/sew a lot of green, and sometimes a favorite piece - like a marigold yellow bag I've had for a couple of years - has me buying a color (yellows) for the first time in my life! Color is definitely a mood enhancer/reflector for me, and very important. Couldn't wear green on a black day!

gwensews said...

"Once upon a time", I had my colors analyzed. This was way back--probably the 70s. I found I was a Summer, and started wearing all of the colors in that palate. Several years later, as my hair started to gray--it magically went from mousy brown/gray to bright red! Then, I switched my color palete to Fall, and have been stuck there since. I love those colors more than my Spring alias! Now and then though, I throw on a bright, hot pink!

Zep said...

I have to say my style sure has changed over the years. When I was a hairstylists I would wear all kinds of cute little things. I was also big time into punk rock - I liked to stick out in the crowd. For many years I had orange hair and would mostly wear black, green, brown. Then went into real estate and wore more professional clothing - suites with gray, brown and blue. I didn't care what I wore as a stay at home mom - heck just as long as it was clean. Now that I'm in business for myself I mostly wear jeans and sneakers because it's the easiest to move around the room while teaching. I love to wear red now because I feel like it gives me energy (Lord knows I need the energy). I always seam to go back to brown though through the years. I just love deep dark brown. Brown has always made me feel good while wearing it.

Anonymous said...

RED! Red with black,red with blue, red with white-gray-camel--- Red in solids and red in prints. During the '80's, when we all wore man-suits, if I couldn't wear red on the outside, I wore red underwear. Then I found the perfect boss - he realized I had more energy when I wore red, so during big projects or on deadline, he decreed, right at the top of the project whiteboard, that I was to wear red every day.
Now I'm retired, but I still wear red nearly every day -sometimes its just the earrings, my flip-flops or the topstitching on my skirt, but its always there. And my car is red (the house would be red too, but DH vetoed it :>)
Sue in MN

Becky said...

I'm a bit multiple personality when it comes to colors-- I usually go for either bright colors, generally cooler ones like blue/green/purple, or warm earthy tones like olive green and brown. I don't know if I'm any specific season...probably more of an autumn than anything else, with my pale skin and brown eyes. (And indecisively colored hair that is kind of brownish but has very predominately red and the occasional gold highlight, that gets a little help from some henna when I get the time to push it more toward that red end of things.) So I know the earthy tones look good on me-- I think the jewel-toned blues/greens/aquas do too though, and I like them so I'd wear them anyway. I also tend to wear a good bit of black--not just because it goes with almost everything, but being a classically trained musician, it's pretty much the standard thing to wear for any performances. I tend to avoid stuff like bright yellow or red, because while the more muted earthy tones of it look ok on me, the brighter ones make me washed out. And I generally try not to touch pink with a 10-foot pole--too girly for my taste, and I'm of the opinion that I'm enough of a natural redhead that it doesn't look good on me anyway!)

Summerset said...

Well, I wear what I like, and fortunately, what I like looks good on me! RED of course! I had my colors done back in the 80's, too, and I'm a winter and look good in black, bright jewel tones, RED and those sorts of colors. I also can pull off many autumn tones, but tend to stick with a certain palette. I don't really care for pastels, and although the colors are ok for me, I just don't wear them. There are some colors I don't wear at all or very rarely or in combination or for underwear only. Those would be purple and unfortunately, I'm so sorry, pink. Certain colors are spring/summer only - certain greens, bright yellow, aquas, coral, other colors are fall winter only - burgundies, oranges, etc.

I feel happiest and most powerful in red. I tend to wear red when I need that boost of energy or I need to really be in charge. My students knew that when they saw me in the red dress it was time for business. That might explain my red sweater collection, too. I'm a lot like Sue in MN - I like a little red everyday. Hey Sue, I have a RED kitchen!!!!! Yes, I love it - red, white and chrome!

The only colors that really make me look like death is a med. to pale grey and those beigey/taupey/nude tones. Talk about looking like a corpse. Yuck! I don't care for those colors anyway so no big loss for me. Charcoal or almost black grey I can do, just not those other tones.

Disclaimer: My art garments of course, follow no such "rules". I make whatever appeals to me - pink or not!

Unknown said...

I have no scheme persay... I like the descriptor of multiple personality when it comes to color. It's pretty accurate for me. I try to wear what's flattering with red/auburn hair and hazel eyes and fair-ish skin, but what calls to me often wins.
I like jewel tones- rich reds(yeah, even with red hair!), teals, purples, and some greens and fuchsia colors. I love chocolate browns, almost all shades of grey, and wear a bit of black, and occasionally throw pastels into the mix too.
I have it all in my closet, and I think what I pull out depends as much on the line and my mood as it does the season- I wear more reds and autumny colors in the fall when the leaves are changing around me, and poppy reds and jewel tones through the winter when the world doesn't have color anymore- but not as much brown. White makes its appearance once I have some color on me, and blue of all kinds rears its head whenever it pleases. My pastel things and things in softer, more muted colors come out in the spring, and whenever I am seeking comfort and sometimes when I want to feel feminine.
I missed the whole colors thing- I think I'd be intrigued to see what would happen if I got them done.

Elle said...

I was gone last week when you asked, but I wear what I want to wear.

Mostly, tho, I ascribe by the "if it won't look good on any normal person, I will wear it and it will look fab on me."

Typically, this seems to include orange of all shades, sea foam, greens no one in their right mind wears outside of the military, pastel teal, etc.

I also have a typical red-head's color problem (I have very dark auburn hair and I am not redheaded, much as I pay to be one) and my skin is rather red-tinted, so reds and pinks and anything warm is out of the question except orange, and I look good in it.

Mostly, I stick with more autumn and cool colors, and neutral ones that match everything else I have.