Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Project: Dress Table Preparations

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
--Alexander Graham Bell

You may have noticed that I've been putting 100 or more patterns into each of my tables. Now, it's true that I do own a lot of patterns. But I don't own THAT many! So where do I get all those fabric requirement numbers?

From the internet, of course. You can browse patterns on many sites, and most of those sites also provide a view of the back of the pattern envelope. My friend Christine has started helping me find and print patterns. Here is the set that I'll be taking with me on a business trip to California this week:

These are all from dresses.

Hopefully I can get all of these figures entered into my dress spreadsheet during my evenings in a hotel room. I'm wishing you all a good sewing week - try to get in some extra sewing time for me, as I will be far away from my machine... ;)


Ruth said...

We love you sooooooooo much for this, you have no idea. Thousands and thousands of blessings for your HUGE generosity in compiling these tables.