Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Gwen, Kathy & Cindy for being life-savers last week! I didn't have a Friday Confession prepared (I've been spending all my free time working on my fabric tables!), and they suggested some great topics for future Fridays! I'm set for several weeks now! :)

Speaking of my fabric tables, people have suggested a couple of alternative methods to answer the "how much fabric?" question.

Christine pointed me to this website, which also has tables of fabric requirements for different types of clothes.

MeredithP came up with a clever system. She selected a single "basic" pattern in each of a bunch of categories (long blazer, short blazer, long skirt, short skirt, etc.) and copied how much fabric each of those patterns need (in her size) into a table. She refers to that table and then adjusts up or down, depending on her plans for each new fabric acquisition.

And Nancy K pointed out that the knowledge in these tables can be earned the "hard way" - through many years of experience sewing! ;)


So, work is quite busy at the moment (including a week-long trip next week), so my posts will be a bit sporadic for the next week or so. But I am working on tables for tops and dresses and I'll get those up as soon as possible! :)