Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Kathy, Claudine, Cindy, Sue, Donna, Summerset, Myrosia, Elaina, Karima, Becky and Lois K for talking back to my confession last Friday! I asked what people do with their scraps of fabric, and received (as usual!) TONS of good advice!

Here is a list of the uses that others have found for their scraps:

-- Embellishments, accents and/or decorations (4)

-- Pillow stuffing (inc. pet beds) (3)

-- Small pouches (change purses, drawstring jewelry bags, etc.) (3)

-- Let kids play with them (3)

-- Quilt blocks (2)

-- Doll clothes (2)

-- Braided rug (1)

-- Children’s clothes (1)

-- Small pieces of knits can be used for lingerie (1)

Elaina offers her scraps up to quilters on – a website designed to support local recycling efforts!

She also sends the printed selvedge strips to “a blogger” – I’m guessing that it’s Jodie from RicRac. Have you seen her dress made entirely of selvedge strips?

Finally, three people mentioned a size limit on scraps. One saves anything bigger than her hand, while the other two typically don’t save pieces smaller than 0.5 of a yard (unless it is high quality and expensive fabric such as silk).

These are some excellent ideas! Thank you so much – you guys give great advice! :)

ETA: I was wrong about Elaina's blogger - she sends her selvedge strips to Carla at Feathered Fibers


BConky said...

Missed you last friday. Was finishing my daughters wedding dress. Wedding was beautiful. So glad to have it done. I try not to save many scraps but I still save to many. It's so hard to thrown them out.

Anonymous said...

Actually i save them to send to featheredfibers on wordpress, although I knew about the ricrac dress too.

I don't sew with enough cotton to send a lot of them, right now I have 3 pieces that are 1-2 yards long. when I get enough to fill an envelope, I'll post them off.

Plus Size Dresses said...

Interesting One!!!!

Carla at Feathered Fibers said...

I love fabric bits and also the selvage part, too. So many ideas to do with them, too.

PS to sewducky... Thanks!