Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Project: Care Package on its Way

Those who are absent, by its means become present: mail is the consolation of life.


I finished the Hawaiian shirts for my friend, and dropped them off at the post office today. You may remember that my friend has cancer, and I made him these shirts because I have heard that they are good tops to wear during chemotherapy - casual, comfortable and cheerful, with easy access to the chemo port.

I selected the patriotic fabric, because he recently (within the last year or so) became an American citizen.

I selected the airplane fabric, because he loves planes and is a licensed pilot of small planes.

Here is the pattern I used - it is one of my tried-n-true (TNT) favorites.

This is an excellent pattern for a beginner! It provides a very simple introduction to shirts. There are only 5 pattern pieces - front, back, collar, sleeve and pocket. It does not have a yoke and it only has a one piece collar (no separate collar stand). The sleeves are symmetrical, so there's no danger of putting them in backwards.

I really should move up to a slightly more sophisticated pattern for men's shirts, but I keep coming back to this one! ;)

I am almost done with my next installment of the "How Much Fabric?" Series - it will be on jackets. (Dresses and tops are waiting in the wings.) Thank you to everyone for your encouragment with this effort! I am hoping to get my final tables printed onto small cards, with the minimum, maximum and average patterns illustrated on the back - if I can make it work, I'll make those available.

I hope you had a good sewing weekend! :)


gwensews said...

It is very thoughtful of you to make those shirts for your friend. When people are sick, every time someone considers them, it means so much.

Anonymous said...

You are the best! What a special friend you are. I'm sure wearing those great shirts makes his chemo a little more bearable.

meredithp said...

Those shirts are the best. And the fabric selection adds to the thoughtfulness!

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

The shirts look great and I can't wait to see your fabric for jackets analysis.

CarlaF-in Atlanta

SunnyQ said...

Nicely done - both shirts are beautiful! I'm sure he will feel warmed by your kindness! :)