Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts: Ingredients of a Special Christmas

1. Good gifts - my Mom and Dad model the shirts that I made for them:

2. Good food - our Christmas turkey:

2. Good company - my Dad, my husband and Annie visit:

3. New games - my nephew Jared plays a variant of Dance Revolution:

4. Old games - Jared plays a round of Speed Scrabble:

5. Beautiful music - my Sister and my Mom play recorders:

6. More music - my Mom and my Husband:

7. Cold, clear night skies - Jupiter and Venus visible beneath the moon:

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

Those shirts turned out so well. You can really see the little bicycle centered on the pocket of your father's shirt. I think you made a good call when you sewed it that way instead of trying to match the pattern.

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family and fun!

Anonymous said...

Nice shirts! It looks like you had a lovely holiday!

Happy New Year's!

SunnyQ said...

It looks like it was a LOVELY time!!! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

Summerset said...

What a great Christmas, family, food and fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL here I am again. I love your site, and I have posted an award on my blog for you.

Christine said...

Looks like your Christmas had all the right makings of a special holiday indeed!

*Anxious to hear all about the loom!*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday pictures! It looks like you had a good time! Your parents look great in their shirts!

Vicki said...

Nice post! Happy New Year :)