Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pay it Forward Continued

Thank you to Claire, Reethi and Amelia for being the first three commenters on my "Pay it Forward" post. If you didn't see the post, the idea is that I promise to send each a hand made crafty gift, and they promise to "pass it on" by posting the same offer on each of their blogs.

I think I've decided what I am going to make. I think I am going to make some of those zippered gift bags that I've seen on a lot of blogs lately, and I may just throw in some little, handy sewing notions - because, after all, isn't a bag with contents more fun than an empty bag? ;)

If you weren't one of the first three commenters on my blog, don't despair! You can simply follow the trail until you find someone who is paying it forward and hasn't had three takers yet!

In fact, even we speak, both Amelia and Reethi have posted their offers. And I'm sure that Claire will soon follow. Check them out at:

Amelia - Amelia Sews

Reethi - Weekend Crafting

Claire - Sewing is Like Chocolate ... Highly Addictive

Good luck and have fun! :)


Joanne said...

What a festive way to spread holiday cheer!

Claire said...

I have posted the Pay it Forward on my blog. ;o)