Thursday, December 25, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Christine, Summerset, Mamafitz, Joanne, Amelia, Becky, Alison, Elaina and Nancy W. for talking back to my “confession” last week! I confessed that I don’t enjoy cutting out the fabric and asked what steps in sewing others find the least fun or most difficult.

Interestingly, the steps that received the most votes for being the least fun were all associated with the “prep work” (as Becky called it) – pinning (1 vote), cutting (4 votes) and marking (2 votes). Reasons included these steps being a bit boring, taking a long time and involving a lot of set up ahead of time and clean up afterwards.

Other steps that were called out as “not-so-much-fun” included setting in sleeves and altering patterns. And Amelia says that the most difficult thing for her about sewing is actually being able to break away from the rest of her life and get into the sewing room!

Joanne pointed out that every passion is likely to have those very important, but less enjoyable, aspects. As a writer, she doesn’t always enjoy editing, but knows that it makes the final product that much better. (Underscoring her main point, her words really echoed Summerset’s comment about marking!)

Finally, (possibly anticipating a future Friday Confession), a few people mentioned their favorite stages of sewing. Mamafitz loves pressing and both Elaina and Becky really enjoy the thinking – planning – fashion designing bits…

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to talk back to me!

And to everyone, I hope these days of celebration are blessed with family and friends, and love and laughter!

photo credit: russelljsmith


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and thanks for the shout out!