Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Queue Wednesday

Okay, so I've been revealing the fabric pairs picked by my friends and co-workers for their Christmas presents (insulated wine totes and casserole totes) in batches of 3 per week - but I recently found out that I made a mistake and mis-paired fabrics from 2 different people last week! Yikes! Good thing I found that out BEFORE actually sewing anything!

Anyways, I decided to just show all 9 pairs in this one post. Here they are:

(See if you can figure out which pairs were selected by women [6] and which pairs were selected by men [3]. Bonus points if you can guess which man is going to get in trouble with his wife when he brings home his kitchen-related Christmas gifts!)



Ready for the answers?
Women: A-F
Men: G-I

Bonus question - I think you can figure that out for yourself! ;)

So, I had hoped to finish the wine totes last weekend, but an unexpected turn of events changed my plans...

Ana has been wanting to go horseback riding forever and I finally got around to scheduling a trail ride for us on Saturday. I was surprised when Ana seemed more nervous around the horses than I was - it had only been 5 years for her, vice 35 years for me, since either of us had been riding.

(On a side note - I often help Ana study her English by writing sentences that use the phrases she is trying to learn, but leave blanks in those sentence and she has to figure out which phrase fits. In honor of our upcoming ride, I wrote the following sentence, designed to use the phrase "chances are":

This weekend I'm going horseback riding for the first time in 35 years - _______, I'm going to be sore afterwards."

She filled in "I'm sure" - which was NOT one of her phrases. When I said that the answer was supposed to be "chances are," she replied that she had considered that, but rejected it because after 35 years, soreness was a sure thing, not a good chance. Thanks, Ana!)

Anyways, the weather was beautiful and it was a perfect day for a ride!

She calmed down quickly and really enjoyed herself!

I, on the other hand, would have perhaps benefited by being a bit MORE nervous and cautious... My horse threw me! (And, in later versions of this story, proceeded to try to trample me to death underneath its razor sharp hooves of steel!)

I was extremely lucky and not seriously injured...but man, was I one incapacitated, massive, aching bruise for the next few days! :(


CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon.

Becky said...

Looks like Ana was right! That is one colorful bruise. Hope the soreness goes away soon. (Nonetheless, I'm jealous because I love horseback riding, and only rarely get to actually do it.)

Also, great fabric pairings there. Except for maybe the last one, but I can see why a guy would like it. ;)

Anonymous said...

That is a beautifully colored bruise. If you have to be injured, make it pretty to look at. Hope you feel better quickly and that it fades fast. The older I get the more I hate hitting the ground unceremoniously. It just plain hurts.

Linda T