Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Confession

I made a joke last weekend about "Sewing Pattern Company Transfer Day", but it got me thinking - I spend money on my sewing, and, to be honest, the majority of that money goes to big companies - Joann Fabrics, the big 4 pattern companies, etc...

I have my own small, sewing-related business, so you would think that I would work harder at supporting other small, independent sewing-related businesses. But I haven't. In part, I suppose, because of the convenience of the big companies and in part because of inertia - I just keep doing what I'm used to doing.

But maybe I should make a conscious effort to change this.

How about you? Do you make an effort to support small, independent sewing-related businesses? If so, what types - fabric stores? pattern makers? others? And, why do you do it? If not, why not? What do you think about all this "Occupy" stuff? Should it extend to our hobby?


Unknown said...

By no means do I purchase all of my fabric from indy shops, but when I can, I do... especially since they are local.
And I think our hobby is in the spirit of things happening right now. We make things we would otherwise buy from big box places, and we promote each other's efforts when we link and talk and encourage one another in those efforts.
Should we be better?
But we could all be better about a lot of things. Maybe the place to start is to use what you have... Having so much and having it sit is part of what I think we do too much of as a nation.
When you use something up, maybe check out local things and potions to get replacements.

Becky said...

I've been trying to support more indie businesses in my crafting over the last few years--the Sewaholic patterns, and I recently purchased a belt kit from A Fashionable Stitch, and the occasional Etsy purchase. I also got the Colette book, so I can finally try some of hers. I think that for me, the biggest detriment in doing more is that I live in a place with very few local sewing-supply options. It's literally Joann's, the internet, or thrift shops. (Which the ones near me don't sell fabric that isn't already a curtain.)

I do agree with Sarah that I've also become much more conscious about using what I have. Most of my sewing this year has been from my extensive stash, and the only fabric I've purchased were for needs that I had nothing on hand for, or gifts to suit specific tastes. I'm probably going to freecycle a chunk of my stash in the near future, too. And in the future, I'm hoping to purchase more mindfully and not just because I love that print.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I've purchased Colette patterns from Whip Stitch (indy fabric store) in Atlanta. I plan to do a few give aways this year so I'll be placing an other with you soon :). I also purchase fabric and bra kits from Needle Nook in Kansas, fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics from Ann. I've been looking at some of the patterns from Hot Patterns and I will probably purchase a few. Not that I NEED anymore patterns.

marysews said...

I don't think there are any indy stores here, at least not any that sell indy patterns that I want. I have been known to order patterns from Sew Thankful and directly from Jalie, but that's all.

mamafitz said...

i admit, i consciously do my best to spend my money at local independent shops, for everything. am i perfect? no.

sewing wise, i'd guess most of my stuff is from indie shops, though the good one here that had garment fabrics has closed (but i have a big stash from them!), and all that is left is quilting shops. i do buy stuff at joanns once in a while, and if i want a big 4 pattern (because i love the fashion from vogue, and the costume patterns from mccalls). i rarely shop online for fabric. patternwise, i tend to support hotpatterns and jalie.

katherine h said...

I buy things that I don't even really want in order to support indy suppliers. I spend money every time I go into a local craft shop and now I have patterns, bag handles and other paraphernalia that I may never use! I buy more patterns than I need from indy pattern companies, kidding myself that it saves on the postage.

I don't live in a city, and shops here shut down when they are not supported. If we want more choice, we have to choose where we shop and not just support the biggest, cheapest option.

gwensews said...

When I buy from independents, it is online, because I live in an area where there are no sewing/craft stores. I do buy several independent patterns online, as well as interfacing. I do a lot of online shopping, primarily from independents. But, I buy equally as much from the chain fabric/craft stores, because they are accessable.

Anonymous said...

I admit I don't consciously buy from indy type stores as a way of supporting them. As others have said, I am shopping from my stash of fabric and patterns this year. I rarely buy patterns since I bought Wild Ginger patternmaking software. Locally there is one chain fabric store in town and in the valley there are no independent fabric stores left. There are some nice indie's in Vancouver but I don't get there very often. And this is Canada where fabric is expensive so indie's have trouble staying afloat. So I buy in the states, when I am down there, mostly from Joann's and order online from Gorgeous Fabrics. I just do what I have to do to get fabric to sew.

Linda T