Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Give-Away Alert

In celebration of (a) this holiday season and (b) the fact that we have (finally!) finished ALL FIVE sets of The Original "How Much Fabric?" Reference Cards (Children's clothes, sizes 7-16, will start shipping on 12 December), I'm going to be supporting a number of give-aways around the internet.

And the first one is up: Check out see kate sew's group give-away for a chance to win a package that includes your choice of 3 yards of Amy Butler fabric from Modern Fabric Studio, an e-reader case of your choice from Liz Ann Necessities AND a card set of your choice from me! :)

I'll let you know as other give-aways are posted. Oh, and if you are planning a holiday give-away and would be interested in including a set of the cards, shoot me an email:

Good luck! :)


katherine h said...

Congratulations on completing you card sets! All that data collection...what will you do now it is complete?

lakaribane said...

Great news! I'll email my Sewing Aunt, she's sure to be interested in the children's set as this is what she sews mainly.

(Incidently Dec 12th is my 34th bday, I'm starting to feel giddy, LOL!)