Thursday, February 10, 2011

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Julia, Becky, Mamafitz, Cole's Corner, Summerset, Gwen, Dana, Elaina, Patsijean and BConky for talking back to my confession last week! I was actually passing along a question from Gwen, who (after our discussion about sewing footwear) wondered if people had experiences (and/or interest in) sewing gloves.

So, it turns out that gloves did not fare as well as footwear. While 4 people reported knitting gloves and/or mittens, when it comes to sewing them, we only had 1 person with a (relatively) lot of experience sewing gloves.

There were 6 votes for "nope, never", 2 people with some experience sewing mittens, and 1 person who has sewn a pair of handwarmers.

In addition to there not being a lot of folks who already have experience, sewing gloves didn't seem to interest that many people as a future project. My bet is that not many of us have occasions to wear really fancy gloves. Several people called out hand size as being an issue. On the plus side, Gwen thinks it would be fun to embellish them. :)

Interestingly, 4 people reported owning a Vogue pattern to make gloves. (Of course, I don't know if they all own the same pattern or not.) The only other pattern mentioned was a Simplicity pattern, and that was mentioned by Dana, the commenter with the most glove-making experience.

She made about 6 pairs for a fabric store display a while ago. Now her daughter uses them to play dress up. More recently, she has re-made the pattern for herself a few times, but hasn't ever worn them in public. She says they aren't really that fun to make, even though they don't take a lot of time.

Personally, I was intrigued by the construction of the glove and the use of gussets, but I doubt that I'll ever make a pair. I'm just not a glove person. Heck, I only put on pantyhose under extreme duress! ;)

Thanks again to everyone who commented! You guys are the best! :)


Sarah said...

Do by any chance have the numbers for the patterns for gloves?

Unknown said...

Gloves are so elegant and practical don't you think?

I have made a few pair in my costuming days. Currently I am modifying a pair for my husbands Batman costume as an anniversary gift and recently I was given an old Minerva yarn magazine which features some beautiful gloves, which got me thinking about making some again. This post of yours seems to be creating the perfect creative storm of glove making..