Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the Queue Wednesday

Still working my way through projects that are just hanging around my sewing room waiting on me... ;)

As you know my fashion sensibilities (such as they are) are sometimes taken aback by the outfits that my nieces periodically ask me to sew for them. This project is one of those times.

I've had this glitter-festooned faux fur sitting in my sewing room for about 9 months. My youngest niece, a 10 year old, is confident that this will make the perfect mini-skirt for her. (Note that a single body measurement will still suffice for bust, waist and hips for her patterns.)

We actually drafted this pattern from scratch last summer - if you can call it drafting. It's a simple, elastic waist skirt. (It would be an A-line pattern, if she hadn't insisted that it be so short.)

I guess I've been dragging my feet about getting to it because there is nothing about either the fabric or the pattern that I find interesting or appealing. But it shouldn't take an hour, start to finish - so it's pretty lame that I haven't done it yet.

I promise, I will get to it! It's in the queue...