Thursday, February 3, 2011

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Carla, Sarah, BConky, Cole's Corner, Mamafitz, Elaina, Patsijean, Gwen and Summerset for talking back to my confession last week! I confessed that I've never put much thought into trying to sew any kind of footwear until my friend Ana started making baby booties (and they turned out to be a big hit!) and asked about other people's experiences.

As is often the case, we got pretty much all possible answers, including "love it!", "can take it or leave it", "never even thought about it" and "it's not for me."

Nicole of Cole's Corner was the most enthusiastic, and you can see why in the picture above - she makes the most adorable baby shoes! (See the full outfit on her blog, here.) BConky (Nicole's Mom) also makes great footwear for her grandbabies - check out these cowgirl boots!

Altogether, 6 people reported experience sewing footwear - 4 of them specified for children and 2 of them specified for adults. And a couple others have knit or crocheted slippers - but not sewn them.

Sarah says that the most difficult part of sewing slippers is to get each one of the pair to have the exact same shape when you stitch the curves.

On the adult side, Elaina has made vintage slippers, called scuffs. I hadn't heard of these and after googling around a bit, found this "pattern" to make a pair from washcloths (or hand towels, maybe).

Might be a fun intro-to-sewing afternoon project with young girls (especially with brightly colored washcloths!).

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to leave a comment! :)


Cole's Corner said...

Those do look fun to make!
Thank you so much for featuring me.