Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the Queue Wednesday

A different kind of queue project this week - MAJ La Flamme is starting up his IBOL (Iraqi Bundles of Love) project again. You can read all about it here. The bottom line is that, if you'll send him a bundle of fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, etc., he'll make sure that it gets into the hands of an Iraqi woman who can put all of those materials to good use (and wouldn't have access to them otherwise.)

Recently I was cleaning out my purse and stumbled upon a $25 gift card to Joann's that I had somehow forgotten about. (Can you believe it? I know I was shocked!)

This weekend I'll put it to good use - filling up a large, flat rate USPS box ($12.50 postage) with all the sewing goodness that I can fit! Anyone want to join me?


What-I-Found said...

I wanted you to know that because I saw this post I'm not only sending a box, but will be passing the word on to many sewing blogs and sites. (I'm pretty hooked up ;- )
So I hope much good will come of it.
Thanks so much.

patsijean said...

I have participated in the first two IBOLs and loved doing it. I even shopped my stash for all the sewing supplies sent. This time I ordered some glass head pins, which I will send, and also some emerald green broadcloth, which I will divide into two or three sections and send with lengths of other fabric. According to Art (the IBOL guy) they love green. What the Iraqi's do not love is cartoon character prints. Flowers, plaid, denim, dots, solids are good. I have sent basics such as thread (the women always need that) elastic, buttons, zippers, safety pins, practical sturdy fabric, velcro, scissors (I had a couple extra pairs), hand sewing needles. It is surprising how much one can pack into those APO boxes from the Postal Service. There is lots of info on the website and IBOL also has a facebook site with links to all the information you need.