Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Project: Size Estimations

An inebriated man in a bar was upset when his wife approached Truman Capote for an autograph. He staggered over to Capote's table, unzipped his pants, exposed himself and issued the challenge, "Since you are autographing things, why don't you autograph this?"

Capote replied,
"I don't know if I can autograph it,
but perhaps I can initial it."


Of course, we're always told that "size doesn't matter." I hope it's true, because I did a very poor job of estimating the right size pajamas to make for Juana's baby Alex.

But first, let's go back to where the story left off last weekend... All was done except for the footies and snaps.

The footies (or booties?) are made up of 2 pieces. A sole and a piece that reminds me of spats from shoes in the olden days.

After closing up the back seam on the spats-like piece, you stitch it to sole.

Flip it right-side out and - behold! - two little booties ready to be attached to the bottom of the pajama legs.

The bottom of each pants leg had to be gathered to fit the opening at the top of the booties.

That left the last step - snaps. You may recall that I complained a bit about the instructions calling for 14 snaps to be sewn on by hand. Summerset recommended snap tape, and I was all over that idea in a snap...

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself....) ;)

I struggled a bit with which sewing machine foot to use. I found I could use the regular foot on the side of the snap tape with the little indentations. But I had to use the zipper foot for the other side with the protuberances. I also found that adjusting my needle position (my machine has 3 options - centered, to the left and to the right) helped me sew along the edge of the tape.

And now I will unveil the completed outfit and you can see for yourself what I mean about misjudging the size:

It is waaaaaaaaay too big for the baby. In fact, it's going to be quite some time before he grows into it.

Oh well, I suppose that, in the meantime, his Dad can wear it... ;)


Heather said...

It's adorable! But don't fret! That baby'll grow into it in a snap...sorry I couldn't help myself either. hee

Sarah E. said...

I primarily sew infant/baby clothes and all the major pattern companies ALWAYS make the baby patterns WAY TOO BIG. I usually make the smallest size ,which they say is for a preemie, and make it for a newborn-3 month old baby. I also measure the exact pattern piece to the baby. All I can say is that those pattern makers must no have babies.

Anyway on your "mis-judgement", its always better too big than too small.

Angela said...

That's cute! OO... snap tape!