Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Confession

I've decided that I'm not making any Christmas gifts this year.

For at least the last five years I've made (sewn, for the most part) Christmas gifts for my friends at work. The gifts that I can remember were:
  • aprons
  • bathrobes
  • purses
  • pencil holders
  • dish towels (hand woven)

As you may remember, the hand woven dish towels - while they came out really well!- were a bit of a disaster, in that I didn't finish them until around May (almost 6 months late for Christmas). Thus, this year I will be taking a break from hand made gifts and buying something for all my friends at work in a store...

Now, whether they will be disappointed or relieved is something known only to them... ;)

How about you? Do you make any of your Christmas gifts? What kinds of things do you make and for whom? Are there people in your life who really appreciate the love and time that goes into each one of your creations?


Zep said...

I was thinking yesterday about the same thing. What gifts will I sew this year? My kids are older now and don't want hand made things. They never did use the felt games I made them (tic-tack-toe, hangman).

Every year I make my mom a lap blanket small enough to throw over he legs when sitting. I add the year and make 12 blocks with pictures each month of my kids. I've made several now and told (as a joke) that when she is on her death bed she can cover herself with love by laying them all around her.

I usually make the whole family Christmas PJ making pants for the kids and shorts for us, t-shirts for all with iron transfer to match whatever fabric I use for the pants. It's fun to wake up Christmas morning all wearing the same thing.

So yeah, was thinking yesterday how I have to get started on the blanket and pants. I wish we could just take the year off though. I'm so not ready for the holiday season to begin. I'm busy enough!! :)

Angela said...

I usually make gifts for my co-workers, in the home decor category... coasters, throw pillows, etc. I would like make gifts for friends and family, but I usually start too late and don't often finish on time so then I end up buying present. :P

Julia said...

I make Christmas outfits for all my grands which I consider to be a part of their gifts from us. Now that there are 6 and another due any day, I can't do much more than that. I am going to try to make ornaments from the fabric scraps that I have been using for the past 10 years to make their Christmas garments. I have scraps for all but one dress. I will have to try to find something that is similar to it.

Summerset said...

Only for my own children, husband and sometimes my niece. Other than that, it is easier and less stressful to buy gifts.

marysews said...

I make something for my parents every few years. For holidays when I don't make them something, I buy them a Panera gift card. I make a set of boxers for my grown son every few years. My grown daughter gets a triple-A card every year. My husband and I no longer exchange gifts (by choice) -- having each other is gift enough!

I make one item for the winter gift swap at work.

That's about it.

Sarah E. said...

I usually like to make gifts for my family. Last Christmas, the gifts were all from the store. But this year I'm making most of them. I want to make clothing this year, but we'll see what eventually happens.

Whether or not they appreciate it, who knows??? They do use the items but I don't know if they neccesarily appreciate the love and time that went into it.

katherine h said...

I often sew presents. They seem a good idea for the first one or two but I usually end up regretting it as it turns from a fun activity to a stressful one. I have to stop myself thinking of sewing presents to make. Trouble is, it is hard to buy groovy, thoughtful presents for the same price. Past presents have included bags, purses, dolls, dress-ups, pencil rolls, activity books. This year, I think I will limit it to a tutu for my daughter and a bag for my sister-in-law.

Tasia said...

I really wanted to make gifts this year! I wrote a post the first week of October about all the gifts I was going to make... and now it's nearly the end of November and I'm nowhere near ready!
The only gift I'm likely going to finish is a men's dress shirt for my guy... because he's pretty excited about it and I really want to make it for him! If I don't finish, I'll wrap up the UFO and finish it after the holidays :) and hope he understands!

Lori said...

I am going to make a few gifts. Some potholders, a few pillows and then a Sophie bag (Amy Butler) for dd#2's birthday, which is New Year's Day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but no. Too stressful.

patsijean said...

Yes, I make Christmas gifts and have been doing so forever. For the past few years I have made group "choose your own" gifts for the entire family. The first year I made scarves for the women. The next year I made a wide assortment of composition covers with elastic and a pen holder (DH purchased a selection of pens and we matched them to the covers); next was a selection of zippered pencil cases; and last year eyeglass cases. This year I have to choose between 2011 Calendars or Christmas stockings from Spoonflower; Singlet Shopping Bags possibly without the pocket to save time(instructions on Crafsters--we have several and use them all the time); or no sew mouse pads. I have a smoking Jacket to make for my husband, and also some crushed velour for lounge pants and top for him. I usually make two space/NASA themed shirts for my 7 year old grandson, but I don't know if I have the time considering the above list.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I used to make gifts for everybody - 3 siblings, 2 parents, smaller items for several aunts and uncles and friends. I would go on a major fabric shopping binge on the Friday after Thanksgiving and make everything up between then and Christmas. The first couple of years after we were married I continued this practice, until DH complained that he didn't like me always being too busy for him and too stressed out with deadlines during the holiday season. So now I occassionally make a gift that just screams out for a particular recipient and buy the rest. Hubby and I are both much happier with this arrangement. ;)

Lois K