Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the Queue Wednesday

Thank you so much to everyone for your words of understanding, encouragement and advice regarding my experience at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo! Every time feelings of failure try to rise up and overwhelm me, I just re-read your comments and feel better.

Well, I didn't spend the entire time at the Expo sitting in our booth trying not to cry - I managed to squeeze in some fun shopping! ;)

Remember this
baby bubble pattern designed by the Scientific Seamstress?

I made
two of these outfits for my vet's baby daughter last December...

I thought of it as a kind of girly pattern, but a good friend at work who is expecting her first child - a boy - later this Spring, fell in love with the pattern and was pretty adamant that, without the sleeves, it's a perfectly fine romper for a boy!

So, I picked out these fabrics to make a reversible baby bubble for her baby's wardrobe:

I really like using a solid/geometric pattern for one side and a cute print for the other - I think that makes it more versatile. The baby's room colors are blues and browns, so the fabric is perfect! I think she'll love it! And I'll get to it soon - it's in the queue! :)


julia said...

I love those fabrics and yes, they are perfect for a baby boy!

gwensews said...

Oh, cute fabric! Brown equals wonderful! And hey--you ARE NOT a failure. Not in any kind of way.