Saturday, May 23, 2009

A One-of-a-Kind Shirt for a One-of-a-Kind Guy!

Happy 50th Birthday to the Love of my Life!

Here he is in his birthday shirt - custom designed by Miss Black Pepper, custom printed by Spoonflower and sewn by me:

If you don't recognize the images, those thingamajiggies are different pieces of gear for technical rock climbing - a hobby of ours.

I was especially pleased with how well the images lined up across the two front halves of the shirt! Check it out - not bad, huh? ;)

I've only known him for about the last half of his first 50 years - I'm looking forward to spending every single one of his next 50 years with him! :)


Pam Erny said...

Nice work, Gwen ! A very cool shirt!

gwensews said...

What a nice tribute to your husband! He's very handsome. Nice work on the theme shirt!

Becky said...

It's good to see what your Spoonflower fabric ended up as! And it looks like he's quite happy with it too. :)

Summerset said...

Excellent! What a great shirt! Happy Birthday!

meredithp said...

That is so neat! Talk about custom clothes!!!