Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Confession

I have signed up for an online class at Pattern Review! I will be taking the class on Couture Hand Stitches, taught by Susan Khalje. I've taken a couple of other classes this way, and found the handouts to be excellent, the chat sessions to be scheduled too close together in time for me to finish my "homework" between each one, and the chat sessions themselves to be pretty good, but a bit confusing to follow sometimes (maybe a reflection of growing up pre-internet).

How about you? Have you ever taken any online sewing classes (through PR or anywhere)? What did you study? Did you learn a lot? Would you do it again? Pros and cons? Any cool online sewing courses that you can really recommend?


AmeliaSews said...

I'm taking the pants muslin class from Shannon Gifford(at Pattern Review) and it is fantastic. There is such great information and she is so helpful!

I was unsure about how good an online class good be, but I have really enjoyed this and have already signed up for her next class - Build Better Pants.

Like you though I find the chats a little hard to follow. I think it's because there are no cues to know that someone else is asking a question- I think in real life this would resemble chaos...

I took a couple of one hour seminars on fitting when I went to the Sewing & quilt expo. When I went to apply this information (of course, I didn't get to it for several months) I was lost and unsure of what to do.

This class made me take the information, apply it right away and Shannon is right there holding your hand answering any questions you might have.

I have learned a lot about my body shape and what adjustments it needs. I feel confident that I could apply this to other patterns and though there might be more trial and error without a teacher right there, I could successfully apply this information again.

Con- well, I think it would be great fun to take a class in person. I think it would eliminate some of the guessing I find myself doing. I started on the wrong track in this class because I was measuring my waist in the wrong place. It would have saved me steps if someone was right there to show me the correct level. And it would really be fun to be around other sewers and see their progress in person.

Still, since such a thing doesn't exist locally and I can't jetset all over the country, this is a great way to expand my knowledge - much more in depth and with someone to answer the questions that come up.

Summerset said...

I've only taken one class online, through PR, and that was the strap seam class with Kenneth King. It was excellent - his printable instructions were detailed and informative with good photos and he was fun to chat with. It was definitely worth the money and a great experience.

Beth Conky said...

I have not taken an online class yet but I thought about taking the hand stitches with Susan K also. But I have her books and wondered if the hand outs would just be material I have already. But I loved her show and learned techniques from her books and show that I use all the time. I'm making my daughters wedding dress right now so will be pulling out her wedding book for tips. Used it extensively on my oldest daughters wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

The few classes that I have taken both on and off line, didn't work for me. Between my own learning style and the fact that I get very focused on what I am doing, they failed for me on several levels.

They are terribly convenient to take online, and that's probably the best pro to it, and if your learning style suits the structure then they're fantastic.

Becky said...

Cool! I've never taken an online sewing class (I haven't taken many offline sewing classes either, since all we have around here is Joann's and the classes they offer are always things I learned about sewing when I was a kid!) The PR ones are tempting, though. (The time factor has been my main deterrent-- maybe when I get through my list of must-sews, I can give one a fair shot!)

Anonymous said...

I have taken two classes on line with PR. The serger 101 class and the underlining class. I did most of the homework with the serger class, but must confess that I didn't have time to complete any of the homework for the underlining class. The handouts were great, but I too agree that the chats were not spaced out enough for me to complete the homework on time. I work full time and have a small child. I feel that the people who were most successful with these classes were retired and didn't have small children.

Also, I think PR should go one step further and offer video class demos along side the chats. I personally learn better by seeing things demonstrated. Reading directions is not my forte as I am a visual learner.

Bottom line, I think the classes are great, but don't work for me because of how visual I am.

Claire S. said...

Maybe one day, but I haven't as of yet. Although they're tempting, I have the exact same issue as eword10. I'm visual - especially with sewing. Tell me how to do something & I'm me and it's much more likely that I'll 'get' it.

meredithp said...

I am particularly fond of Sarah Veblen's classes. Her knowledge and class materials are excellent. That being said, I've had trouble completing my homework and keeping up with classes. My failing, not those of the classes. I'm currently on a moratorium on classes until I can devote the time they require.