Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

Today's queue project is a somber one. I will be making two Hawaiian shirts for a friend who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, because these shirts are convenient to wear during chemo treatments. As button-up-the-front shirts, they allow easy access to the chemo port on the chest, and yet they are still casual and comfortable (i.e., more like polo shirts or t-shirts than dress shirts).

I picked this fabric because my friend loves airplanes:

And this fabric because he recently became an American citizen:

I hope he likes my fabric choices. He's scheduled for 6 rounds of chemo, spread across 18 weeks and I'd like to get these shirts to him right away. So, as you might imagine, these are now at the top of my queue.


Anonymous said...

Manny hugs to you! What a great person you are. Hope your friend does well.

meredithp said...

Your friend and you are lucky. Love your fabrics--what a thoughtful thing to do.

What pattern are you using?

gwensews said...

You are such a kind person to do this for your friend. I'm sure the shirts will bring a bit of joy when he wears them.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

Hugs to your friend and may your sewing mojo kick into high gear.

CarlaF-in Atlanta

Claire S. said...

I'm sure he'll love them. You're lucky to have each other, the bonds of friendship are amazing.