Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

I need some advice on this project. I've been a bit concerned for a while that Marianna (the 4.5 year old princess here) may not know her alphabet. (I'm not sure - while she seems happy to see me, she doesn't speak much in front of me. My broken Spanish may confuse her...)

Anyways, while visiting my Grandmother in Missouri, we made our traditional stop in a wonderful quilting fabric store, Satin Stitches, and I found this pre-cut piece of fabric with beautiful bright alphabet blocks:
There are also smaller squares illustrating the numbers 1 - 12 along the top and bottom of the piece.

The overall piece is 23" x 44" and each of the alphabet squares is approximately 4" x 4" (not counting the black border).

So I bought it, thinking I could make something for her. My first thought was a wall-hanging - just add some batting, back it with another pretty print, stitch some quick quilting lines along the existing black borders and add some loops for a rod or ribbon. It would be a quick and easy project.

Then I got to wondering about other possibilities - for example, making one of those fabric books - either with a center binding or accordion style. The advantage of this is that she could carry it around with her. On the other hand, I wonder if this style isn't too babyish for an almost-5-year-old?

So, what do you think? Any other ideas to throw into the mix? What could I make with this adorable alphabet primer print for Mariana?


Lori said...

Satin Stitches, isn't far from me, next time you are in Missouri, let's get together. I think a book would be a great idea.

gwensews said...

Or--a little quilt, or "quillo" (quilt tucked into a pillow). Napsack. Cute fabric. I must look for that.

Christine said...

Oh man that fabric is really cute! I can't wait to see what you make with it! (sorry I'm completely clueless when it comes to age appropriateness of toys) :)

Beth Conky said...

I would ask your granddaughter if she thinks a book is to young for her. You could make blocks out of them if they are perfectly square. Maybe if you make the book you could put 4 squares on a page and make a big book. A little quilt would be cute to. The material is adorable.