Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Gwen, Summerset, Joannely and Amelia for talking back to my confession last Friday! I described a rather crazy project that I have taken on for a friend, and asked if other people had any crazy project stories of their own to share.

It looks like most of the funniest stories have come from doing alterations. Both Gwen and Amelia have had clients who didn't want to provide measurements! Gwen had a client who wanted her to hem a coat so that it would fall to 13 inches above the floor, but couldn't understand why he should have to put it on for her to measure that! And Amelia had a client who wanted an apron for her niece, but was only prepared to divulge that the niece was a "big girl"... Yikes!

Joannely does bridal alterations for a living, and she reported having clients who fall in love with one design detail of a wedding dress and so they buy it, even if it's as much as SIX SIZES too small! In addition to adding side panels, she sometimes switches out the back zipper for lacing - I wish I had thought of that option...

And it sounds like Summerset has a TON of good stories - including making a Star Trek costume, salvaging a comforter that had been partially chewed up by a pet dog and trying to turn a silver prom dress into a wedding gown. Apparently, however, many of these are memories that she'd just as soon forget... It's probably funnier to hear about than to actually have to live (and sew) through! ;)

I bet there are a lot of other great stories out there too - if you'd like to add yours to the comments in this post, I'll provide an update next week.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing their wonderful stories with us all! :)

Photo credit: Falashad