Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

In honor of tax day, I thought I'd provide an accounting of my queue projects over the last year. So, yesterday I reviewed all of my Wednesday posts.

I discovered some room for "creative accounting" in the counting process, and (after some consideration) I typically chose to err on the side of more rather than less. So, for example, I counted each of the five pencil rolls that I made for my friends for Christmas as one item (for a total of 5 projects) and I treated the 12 potholders that I made for my Grandmother as 6 projects, because they were given out in pairs.

That being explained, here are some results:

I mentioned 62 projects in my Wednesday posts over the last year, and I have completed 60% (37) of those projects and still have 40% (25) languishing in my queue.

Of those 62 projects, 26% (16) were for me and 74% (46) were for other people.

Of the 16 projects for me, I have completed 38% (6) and still need to get to 63% (10).

Of the 46 projects for other people, I have completed 67% (31) and still need to get to 33% (15).

Bottom line: I had a pretty good year, with a net production of 37 items, and I think I should be getting a refund of projects for me! ;)


SunnyQ said...

A marriage made in heaven indeed: sewing and spreadsheets!!

GREAT JOB on all the accomplishments!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get some church finance spreadsheets updated for the finance review meeting Thurs night. I'm using the promise of some sewing when I finish to motivate myself. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love your take on Tax Day! Good work!!! Enjoy your refund.

gwensews said...

Very clever. A light take on tax day, which makes people grumpy.