Thursday, April 2, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Sarah, Mamafitz, Susan, Gwen, Elaina, Lindsay T, MeredithP, Faye Lewis, Vicki, Amelia, Summerset, Becky and Jennifer for talking back to my "confession" last Friday! I admitted that I love Project Runway...

So, I doubt you'll be surprised to hear that 12 out of 13 respondents also enjoy watching the show, no one reported not liking it, and only one person has yet to see it. Not everyone watches it in real time - about one third of the commenters reported watching it after the fact, either with DVR, on DVDs or on youtube.

Only two people addressed whether or not they are able to predict who is going to win, and they split down the middle, with one "yes" and one "no".

As for wanting to be on the show, four people would NOT want to be on the show, and two people are up for the challenge. Summerset, in particular, said that she would love to try it, and if you've ever visited her blog, I'm sure you'll agree with me that she would kick some serious haute couture butt! ;)

I also learned that both Canada and Australia have their own versions of the show. I'm going to check those out on youtube, to help tide me over until Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are back on the air - which, according to this article, may be soon!

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to "talk back"! :)

Image credit: Chris Glass


meredithp said...

I forgot to mention that my DH is also addicted to PR, having stayed up all night watching Season 1 on DVD. It's nice to have a buddy to watch with.

If you haven't already, Tim's podcasts from Season 2 and 3 are not to be missed. I still listen to them, just to hear Tim's voice and articulate and entertaining comments!

meredithp said...

Should have mentioned: podcasts are on

Connie B said...

The Canadian Project Runway is pretty good. This season there is an obvious winner though, which takes away from some of the drama.

Deana said...

There's also Project Catwalk, which is the British version. Personally, I like that one better than ours. At least from what I've seen of it. If you can't find it, I know of a site.