Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Project: Pink and Green

A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.
-Carl Sandburg

I've been working on the baby buntings this week. Usually I enjoy sewing my TNT patterns, but these have been slow going for some reason. Maybe it's making four at the same time...? Or maybe I'm just more in the mood for something new and a bit challenging...

One of the girl buntings is completely finished and the other just needs the neck binding and my label. The zippers are in both boy buntings, but I haven't begun assembling either of those yet.

Here Joy, my build-a-bear (normally used for fitting doll clothes), models the finished girl bunting:

One of my favorite details of this pattern is the built-in mittens. Little baby hands can be tucked into the mittens or slid out through the opening to move freely.

I made the largest size available (a small) because three of the four babies are each a couple of months old. But, man, do they look big! I'm kind of worried that any child big enough to fit into them will be too old to wear them. :(

As I mentioned, I used a pink zipper and pink bias tape to emphasize the girliness of this green fabric.

I always put my label on the outside of baby clothes, so that it doesn't rub up against delicate skin.

I should finish them all up this week, and then it's on to the jackets for my nieces. Those are new patterns to me, so hopefully they'll be fun and interesting projects! I hope your sewing is going well!


Joanne said...

Gwen, how cute is that little girl bunting! So precious. I bet the mom will just love it, and so will baby!

Pam Erny said...

How lovely!

Pam ~Off The Cuff~

Anonymous said...

Very cute Gwen!