Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Confession

So, while we're on the topic of creating your own patterns, let's talk about computer-aided design. I have never used any pattern drafting software, although I've seen some of it demoed at the Expo (and the most recent issue of Threads had an article on it).

How about you? Have you ever tried any of these programs? If not, are you curious? If so, what was your experience? Do you recommend it? Why or why not?


wendy said...

I never have, for a few reasons. One, I LOVE pattern drafting on the big pattern paper with pencils and french curves and everything. It's like playtime. My mom studied pattern drafting in college, and she taught me the basics when I was a kid, and I really enjoy it. I need to find time to do more on clothes for me, since the last 3 years I've really only been drafting little dresses for my nieces.

Anyway, I also have a mac and most pattern software is only available for windows. I'm not interested enough to buy parallels, and windows software, and the pattern drafting software and install all that to play with it.

BJ said...

Oh my, where to start. I've used them all except for the TailorMade one - or something like that - and Bernina's MyLabel. I have had difficulties with all of them to some degree or another. Wild Ginger's PMB may give you the best fit but there's a huge learning curve. I recently set aside all software and bought the Lutterloh system. Amazingly, this has given me the best fit in years and years of sewing. (I'm average size - but could stand to lose a few pounds!) I have made more garments the last couple of months than I did over the last couple of years - no kidding.

gaylen said...

I have an old version of PMB. Since I still had to make some alterations after printing it out (just because I was too lazy to figure out how to do it first) when we bought a new computer I never reloaded the software.

I wish I knew how to do flat pattern drafting. g

Faye Lewis said...

I've never used any computer generated patterns. I'm a little bit curious.

gwensews said...

My understanding is that you need to know some pattern drafting before going to software. Also, I would want a huge printer for the pieces. Taping 8x11 sheets of paper together for a garment doesn't seem like what I would want to do.

SunnyQ said...

I tried the Wild Ginger free trial once and ran into difficulties getting the software to work on my computer. The technical support person that got back to me was nice, but I don't think we ever resolved the issue.

So yes, curious, but not enough to pay beaucoup bucks (see the article in this month's Threads - minimum $200!) or deal with software hassles.

I think in time when cost goes down, I may try one.

Celeste said...

I'm in the process of learning Bernina's "My Label," with the tunic. I would agree with gwensews about needing to know some pattern drafting before-hand. I don't and when you have to make adjustments, it is hard to know what to do. I put all my measurements in,applied the tunic to my model and it looked ridiculous. But...when I sewed the tunic, as first generated, it looked exactly the same on me. I thought that was good but now I have to figure out where I go from here.
Taping the pages together isn't that big of a deal but I know with My Label, you can save the file to a cd/usb and take it somewhere and have it printed or you can email it to Bernina of America and they will print it and send it to your dealer.

Anonymous said...

I have tried the freebie Wild Ginger pack - but sticking all those little pages together annoys the heck outta me, honestly!

And now I run a Linux os, and as others have pointed out - most programs are only made for Windows. (And yes, I can use an emulator, but it still doesn't work with every program...)

I like the THEORY of these design programs - but I reckon to make them work for me in practice I'd need a large scale plotter at the very least!

Summerset said...

Not even tempted. Can't explain why, but it has no appeal for me.