Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

In a recent Friday Confession I brought up the topic of copying RTW. The reason I thought of it is that I recently purchased two dresses that I think are amazingly flattering on a person who still needs to lose 20 pounds. ;)

Here's the first one:

I think it should be relatively easy to copy. I've made (with a pattern) one dress with a bodice that crosses over like this, but it had one big triangular piece for each side (shaped with darts) - whereas this bodice has more shape built-in with two pieces per side. There is also a dart on each side of the skirt front that lines up with the seam in the bodice pieces.

The back has center darts to pull it in at the waist.

Part of the success of this dress is the fabric - it is slightly heavy-weight with a bit of stretch. So the skirt, for example, keeps it shape moving gently outward from my waist, leaving it a bit ambiguous how much of that spread is in the pattern versus in my hips... ;)

I'm certainly not averse to using a pattern if anyone knows of one that is close to this outfit. However, I think this would be a reasonable project for a first attempt at copying RTW.

Truthfully, it's pretty low priority, but I'll get to it eventually. It's in my queue... ;)


Unknown said...

Maybe by the time you get to it you won't need to lose 20 pounds anymore!

Joanne said...

A very pretty dress, it looks versatile too, like you can dress it up, or wear it casually around town.

gwensews said...

Oh--this would be a perfect opportunity to do some fabric painting. One half of the dress fabric could be embellished using fabric paint, stencils, foam blocks--lots of possibilities.

What fun!

Deravelled Gem said...

Gorgeous dress! Loving the butterflies on it!! :)

Gemma x x