Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Project: Jackie O Jacket? Umm, Not So Much...

Peanut butter is pate for children.
--Brigitte Bardot

I started on my younger niece's jacket this weekend. You may remember the pattern - I'm making her view C in a (brace yourself) bright-pink, fake-fur-like, semi-stretchy fabric.

I was inspired by many of the bloggers I read, who often add a little something extra to their jackets by using a beautifully colorful fabric as lining. I had some colorful flower fabric (also with a bit of stretch) left over from another project, and decided to use it to line the bodice.

I've never made a jacket before, and am finding the facing / lining bit quite interesting. I am used to completely constructing the outside of a garment and then completely constructing the lining and them attaching them, but this pattern had me connect the front bodice pieces to the lining pieces along the front edge. And then it had me sew the bodice to the body like so:

Here it is after sewing, flipped sideways courtesy of Blogger. (Sorry, I don't know how to get it to flip back to normal.)

The facing will fold to the inside along the seam at the bodice, like so:

And it will look like this on the inside:

Finally, the two front halves together:

I've still got quite a bit to go, but it has been nice to dive into something new!

Don't forget, my one year blog anniversary drawing ends tonight (Sunday) at midnight EST and I'll announce the winner tomorrow (Monday) evening. Good luck to everyone!


gwensews said...

The recepient will be a little "fashionista" for sure in this pink jacket. She must be a "girly" girl. Cute!

wendy said...

oh man, that pink fur is AWESOME. ;-)

Faye Lewis said...

That is going to be sooo sweet

SunnyQ said...

Pink-tastic!!! ;-D
The lining look great in there!

Christine said...

No? You don't think Jackie-O would have worn a neon pink faux-fur jacket? Well, her loss. :) That jacket looks GREAT!

Dee Light said...

Oh my goodness, that is too cute! What little girl wouldn't love it.