Thursday, June 5, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thanks to Emily, Claire, Summerset, Vicki, Elaray and Becky for "talking back" to my Friday Confession last week! I confessed that I round up when purchasing fabric, instead of just buying the recommended amount on the back of the pattern envelope.
This confession elicited a pretty wide variety of responses. Several folks said that they also buy extra fabric. However Summerset enjoys the challenge of fitting the pattern pieces onto the smallest amount of fabric possible and Vicki often buys fabric without a particular pattern in hand (and so just estimates a rough amount).
One amusing note - both Elaray and Becky pointed out that rounding up often results in a surplus scrap situation. In fact, I do have a surplus scrap situation and, in an instance of cosmic timing, I had actually written that up as the subject of tomorrow's confession before they left their comments! So, what's funny about this? The fact that I honest-to-goodness never put two and two together myself until I read their posts! ;)
By the way, in case you are wondering if your responses to my confessions make a difference, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" and as evidence I offer up the following: In the last week I purchased another set of 3 spools of thread for my serger and I ordered a rotary cutter and bias tape folder thingy. Soon I will be changing my serger thread for a new project and making my own bias tape! (or trying to, anyways... Wish me luck!)
So, thanks again, everyone! :)


Claire said...

Well, since you are confessing and changing your ways, now I'll need to change mine too. ;o)
I'll have to make bias tape AND learn to use my serger. I can't confess how many years I've owned it without using it, cuz it's beyond embarrassing.
So, your confessions are motivating me also.
I never gave a thought to "larger scraps". Although, like Vicki I buy fabric without an actual project in mind. I just purchase less yardage at a time now. For example, in the past if I liked a fabric I'd buy 5 or 6 yards. Now, I think about a general use for the fabric and purchase 2-4 yards. Sometimes I'll go for 5 if it's a "staple".
Good confession questions....keep them coming. ;o)