Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Confessions

Fabric Scraps

I save my fabric scraps. In fact, for the longest time, whenever anyone on PR talked about their "stash" I thought they were talking about scraps! ;)

Why? Who knows... I find it very difficult to throw away any pieces of fabric that I love or pieces of fabric from a meaningful project (i.e., made for someone I love). I tell myself that there is enough left to make something... (True, if that "something" is a bikini for a Barbie doll!)

Maybe it's not my fault. Have the researchers on the human genome project said anything about a "pack rat" gene?

You may be thinking that the above picture doesn't look so bad. Well, as long as I'm confessing... When I opened my closet door to take a picture of my "scrap stash" I was so embarrassed that I cleaned it out first! Here are the rest of my scraps:

How about you? What do you do with your fabric scraps? Do you have a minimum size requirement for keeping scraps?


Claire said...

Hmmmm...good question. Silk fabric or something else really expensive I'll save all but the smallest of pieces.
Other pieces would have to have about a 1/2 yard left, but I could possibly save something smaller.
I used to save everything, but stopped. When I start sewing more I might save more since "you never know if you might need a small piece of some fabric".

Summerset said...

No. Unless it is really good or expensive like silk, or there's about 1/2 yard left, or it is from the children's clothes so that I can make repairs. I'm with Claire.

Vicki said...

I keep all of mine, except for really small pieces. Sometimes you just need a small piece to make a co-ordinating garment. Great for trims etc.

Becky said...

I have a habit of often buying fabric without any particular pattern in mind, just because it really strikes my fancy. So in that case, often I'll end up with something like a yard left. I generally find it difficult to throw out any scraps that are a quarter yard or more, just because they're large enough that I could actually do something with them! Not that I often do come up with something, but this week it came in handy to make a purse for an upcoming wedding that I'm in. I'm on a kick of finding a way to use these things up without throwing them out, though, since I don't want to put them in the landfill, so I have a plan in the back of my head for a project that may enable me to use up quite a few of them.