Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

Another fun Sunday afternoon with Ana & Juana! We stopped by Sears to look at the Kenmore sewing machines - I'm hoping Sears will have a big sale for the Fourth of July and bring those prices within their reach... (I talked to them about buying a quality used machine, but they were pretty certain that they wanted a new one.)
Then it was on to Joann's to pick a pattern and fabric for their next project: a dress with a zipper! They actually had a bit of a difficult time settling on a single easy pattern that they both liked. In the end, they selected this Burda (#8123):

They want to make the version worn by the model who is standing on the right of the picture. According to Burda's rating system, this is a "one dot" or "very easy" pattern. For fabric, they picked plaids in a bottom-weight cotton.
Afterwards, we stopped at Steak and Shake for milkshakes, and - for the first time - just did some "getting to know you" talking. I learned a bit about them; how long they have been in the United States, how long they have known each other, etc.
One funny thing happened. Ana wanted to order a milkshake to take home for her boyfriend, and she wanted to order it herself, in English. We worked out the words and jotted them down, so that she could read them and place her order. But when Ana tried, the waitress took the paper out of Ana's hands to read it herself! Ana was a bit put out by that, but I had to laugh because that is exactly what they do to me each week! I carefully write all my Spanish sentences down ahead of time and then, when I try to say them outloud, Ana and Juana just come behind me and read my paper over my shoulders! When I explained how the tables were turned, they saw the humor too. :)
Next week I'm hoping that we can get all the pieces cut out. Unfortunately, there was only 1 copy of the pattern left, so they are going to have to share. Luckily, they can use the same size. Sorry, no pictures from today's shopping expedition - I forgot my camera! :(