Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Confessions

Home (Sewing Room) Decor

You know how some people have an innate flair for design?

Well, I am not one of them.
You may have noticed this when looking at my blog layout.

I generally acknowledge this state of affairs by NOT trying to actually decorate our house. Other than the black and white prints hanging on our walls (leftovers from the days when we were into photography) I restrict my decorating attempts to trying to keep the clutter to a minimum. (PS - it is a losing battle.)

The one exception is my sewing room - here I let sentiment and corniness rule and have an actual theme. Cats. My husband and I have had cats for about 20 years - Poly and Jackson, Sammy and Milly... They've been a big part of our lives and - what can I say? - I love them. So, in the sewing room, I let cat knick knacks run amock.

How about you? How is your sewing room decorated?


Meg said...

No sewing "room" for me, just a corner of the family room. Maybe when the kids grow up and move out of the nest I'll have a sewing room, but I'm happy with my little spot right now.

Summerset said...

What's wrong with your blog layout? I love it, especially your banner across the top!

Anyway, my studio is combined with my exercise area, so the whole room is a pale grey with white trim, plus a concrete floor (better for the pins/needles) with black puzzle mats for the exercise area. It looks very clean and bright. Any colors comes from all the great fabrics I get to work with. Besides, I don't have empty shelf space for knick-knacks nor time to dust them! This works for me, as the focus is on what I'm working on, not on the decor.

Claire said...

The only reason my SR might have a decor is I didn't remove the wall paper and carpeting when we moved in 6 1/2 years ago.

My true decor is floor to ceiling shelving holding, what else, fabric and notions. ;o)