Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cool Chart Tuesday

My recent digression into 70's "fashion" reminded me of this infographic relating fashion and music through the decades. Notice that it captures how "beats per minute" change over time too (the y-axis).

Which of the styles represented here do you like? Which have you worn? Which have you sewn? Do you associate clothes with music? Is there any correspondence on this chart between the music that you like and the clothing styles that you like?

Photo credit: Meghan D'Mello


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the twist being done in a long skirt? Me either. It had to be a short skirt and tight. I had a jumpsuit similar to the one in the picture, in 1974. Loved that jumpsuit. I sort of miss the shoulder pads of the 80's. They do help hide flaws.
Fun chart!

Linda T