Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Project: A Different Type of Assembly

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is a success.
~ Henry Ford

I didn't get in any sewing this weekend, but I did make something - with my husband's help. :)

Between my small business (The "How Much Fabric?" Reference cards) and my ESL class, I've been accumulating piles of papers, printouts of pattern envelopes, books and assorted educational materials throughout the house. Recently I decided to rearrange the furniture in our guest bedroom to free up one corner of the room and establish a small office.

Our major project this weekend was assembling the desk. On first glance, it is a normal L-shaped desk:

But the thing that makes this desk so unusual is that, when we have company, I can close it up...

... to free up the floor space for the guests!

Isn't that cool?

My husband and I had a pretty fun time assembling it. We have a system - while he is using the tools to complete a step, I am reviewing the next step of the instructions and assembling the required parts. So that each time he finishes one step, I can tell him exactly what comes next and hand him all the pieces he needs. He was pretty impressed with the quality of this kit - we'd buy from them again. (You know, if there was any more room in our house for more furniture!)

I had hoped to have everything put together and put away, so that I could show you nice pictures of the completed room. Instead, you'll have to settle for a view of the work in progress.

Here's a shot of the day bed and 1 of the 4 huge bookcases that dominate the room and hold our extensive collection of leisure reading materials.

From the corner that you can see on the right above, here's a shot of my desk, chair and small storage tower:

My husband will install the white board / bulletin board combo on the wall to the left of the desk sometime this coming week.

And I even managed to squeeze in a 4 drawer filing cabinet next to the bookcases:

Please pardon all the piles of paper and boxes and climbing helmets, etc. I hope to have it all put away and cleaned up to show you next weekend! :)

I am SO excited to have this new space to work!

I hope you had a wonderful sewing weekend and are ready to start a new week! :)


Becky said...

That desk is a great find--I'm sure it will get much use!