Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In the Queue Wednesday

I have GOT to stop shopping for new projects! Either that, or I need to take a six month leave of absence from my job and lock myself up in my sewing room... Just cut a small slit in the door so that my husband can pass food in to me... ;)

But, when I took Oliver to see the vet recently, she just raved about how much she loved the baby bubbles that I had made for her infant daughter, and how her daughter practically wore them out, etc...

What could I do? I was helpless under that kind of appreciation... Surely you can see how I HAD to run out to Joann's to pick up a pattern and fabric to make her almost-two-year-old daughter a new dress, right?

The pattern is a simple one that I've made before (for a niece) with great success. I'm going to go a little crazy this time and combine the 2 views for a dress that has the ruffle AND the pocket. ;)

Actually, where I really went a bit crazy was with the fabrics. I'm going to use the yellow lady-bug print for the main dress, and the red puppy dog paw print for the ruffle and pocket. Possibly a bit "out there" (or maybe I'm just normally super boring & conservative) - but the daughter apparently loves yellow and the mom is a vet, so I'm hoping that this will work for them.

And didn't I find just the perfect white button?

This should really only be a 2 hour project - it shouldn't be that hard to fit it in to my life... I don't know when (or how), but don't worry, I'll get to it. It's in the queue.


Becky said...

I recognize that ladybug fabric! I used it back in December for one of the play capes I made on commission for a friend to give to one of her nieces for Christmas. :)

The dress pattern looks really cute.

BConky said...

I love the pattern too. Used it serveral times for the granddaughters. I like your fabric combo.