Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Confession

We've talked about fashion designers before, but how about FABRIC designers? I'm actually starting to recognize some names and some styles...

There's Amy Butler, of course:

And Alexander Henry:

And Robert Kaufman:

These are some of the fabric designers that I like. How about you? Do you have any favorite fabric designers? Have you recently stumbled across someone new that you think we should know about? Do you browse sites like Spoonflower or Etsy for fresh new fabric designs? Have you ever tried your hand at designing fabric? I'm looking forward to learning about new fabric designers and new sites for fabric! :)


Lori said...

I like Amy Butler, Paula Prass and Patty Young.

mamafitz said...

i also like amy butler. heather bailey and jay mccaroll have nice designs too.

mamafitz said...

forgot -- no i don't browse ebay or etsy, and i've never tried spoonflower.

Becky said...

Lol, my one attempt at using Spoonflower was a result of winning one of your blog giveaways! :D

I do like Amy Butler's designs. Though honestly, I generally don't pay attention to fabric designers too much, since they often tend to focus on quilting cottons (which I almost never use, except for bags) and I'm more of a clothes girl. So I just choose my fabrics based on whether I like the print/colors, regardless of who makes them.

Sarah E. said...

I like Anna Marie Horner. It seems like she mostly designs patterns but she designs fabrics too.

I also love all the fabrics at this website. They are all so pretty.

However all the above fabric makers I just look at. I usually just pick fabric from a cheap outlet that sells out of date calico prints for 1.98/yd. Then I just buy whatever prints/colors that I happen to like. It is mostly bright florals but I can find a gem now and then:)

Cole's Corner said...

I'm a huge fan of tanya whelhan

Heather Bailey

and I pretty much love all the Michael Miller and Moda designers.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I don't have a favorite fabric designer. In fact, I don't think I've purchased any from fabric designers.