Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Winners

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations and other kinds words on the occasion of my 500th post! I wish I had 50 copies of that PatternReview book so that I could give one to each of you!

Unfortunately, I only have five. So, who did Lady Luck favor in my random drawing?

Congratulations to:

Karin van D.


Carla (Lover of Words)


Nancy W

To the winners - Please email me with your mailing address at: I'll get your books in the mail ASAP. :)

Thanks again to everyone! I certainly never would have made it to 500 if it wasn't for you! :)

Photo credit: kaibara87


Trudy Callan said...

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

Congrats y'all :)

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I am excited to receive this book. Thanks Gwen

Corinne said...

Yippie! I won.
Thank you so much!

meredithp said...

Congratulations, sewing colleagues!

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

i am really enjoying the book.