Thursday, September 16, 2010

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Craftygirl, Christine, Amelia, Summerset, Sarah, Elaina, Shannon, Lori and Cindy for talking back to my confession last week! I asked how people tackle stains on various fabrics.

Here is a summary of all the great tips. (This is my first attempt at an html table, and html is not co-operating, so please excuse the flawed formatting. I CANNOT figure out how to make the large amount of white space before the table go away...)




CraftygirlPeroxide Just about anything Test first! Can remove all color.
Craftygirl Dawn dishwashing liquid Degreaser Fabrics sturdier than silk
ChristineClub soda Just about anything
Christine Pantyhose Deodorant residue
AmeliaBoiling water Berry stains Hot water from the tap is not good enough
Summerset Rubbing alcohol or anything with alcohol, (ex. hair spray, hand sanitizer Most ink stains Fray Check residue See this post on Pam Erny’s blog
SarahRubbing alcohol
Elaina Vinegar Cigarette smell & residue Add a cup to the rinse cycle
ShannonGlycerin dish soap Degreaser
Shannon Sunlight Food based stains
LoriCascade with some water Stains on white baby clothes
Lori AlcoholPen marks
CindyHairsprayHair coloringTrick from her days working in a beauty salon.
CindyLemon juiceInk
CindyBaby powderDeodorant stainsApply to underarm area of blouse BEFORE you wear it.

Finally, we had two “shout outs” for Shout Stain Remover® from Sarah and Lori. :)

Thanks again to everyone for sharing their stain removing tips! I definitely picked up some new ones! :)