Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Secret Lives of Cats: Part 4

Using this week at home (with pneumonia) as my cover, I have undertaken a dire and perilous mission. I am going to attempt to infiltrate and gather intelligence on the secret lives of cats.

In this series, I will share with you the pictures and notes from my investigation.

Day Four: They may be on to me... Sammy and Oliver split up today, making it impossible for me to watch them both. I opted to follow Oliver, who spent the day prowling poolside, studiously ignoring Milly who was also soaking up the muggy Florida heat.

His attitude was so alert and watchful that I stuck with him, confident that something must be about to break. Now, in hindsight, I wonder if his behavior was a deliberate red herring, designed to lure me away from the real action, with Sammy, inside...

With my feverish coughs abating, I am running out of time. It is likely that I will be well enough to return to work tomorrow, and thus will have to bring this investigation to a close and submit my final report. Tonight may be my last chance to gain even the tiniest glimpse into the secret lives of cats. Wish me well...


BConky said...

It seems to me that the secret life of your cats is to be envied. I wish I was poolside laying in the sun. Lucky kitties.