Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Confession

I picked up the pattern I showed you in Wednesday's "In the Queue" post because it had been sewn-up and put on display at the fabric store. That is actually the first time I've ever bought a pattern because of a store display.

Hmmm... I wonder who has the job of sewing those display items and if it's a fun job... Do they get to pick the patterns to sew, or are they assigned? Do they have to sew the same garments for all of the stores or do they get to sew more variety than that?

Anyways, how about you? Have you purchased patterns because of a store display? If so, do you do it frequently? In general, do you think those displays impact people's shopping?

Photo credit: Melingo Wagamama


Branka said...

The pattern no, our local stores don't sew up garments and display them in the window, unfortunately. If they did, I'm pretty sure I couln't resist buying the pattern.
But they do wrap up nice fabrics around dress forms in a nice drapey way, and I fall for that trick every single time. No wonder I have a huge fabric stash.. sucker.

Sarah said...

I only buy patterns on sale for $1-$2 but I've seen patterns made up at stores such as Jo-Anns. They're not exactly in windows but just in the front of the store. Anyway, I believe that Jo-Anns takes theirs out of a box!!!:( How I think I know?
#1 because their crisper items are full of creases
#2 because I've been to different Jo-Anns stores in the same day and they all have the exact same garments in the exact same fabrics at all the stores(with all the creases)

I think window displays can impact someone's shopping IF they are not on a budget.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I made some of those display garments. At the time employees had the opportunity or requirement (depending on the company) to make them. Where it was required, employees didn't have much choice in what was made, though employees with good sewing skills would get the nicer projects to work on. At that time, after the garment had hung in the store for the required period of time (usually about 3 months) it was yours to keep. One store I worked in employees pretty much had their choice of what they wanted to make. I got some lovely, free additions to my wardrobe that way. ;) Now-a-days I suspect the making of model garments is subcontracted out because I notice the same things Sarah has noticed, plus model garments can sometimes be found on a rack in the back of the store for sale.

Lois K

Cindy said...

I never have but my students have told me they picked up the pattern because they saw it in JoAnns. I usually already have an idea of what I want to sew before I open the door of the store. I'm so frugal, I know what I want and only buy that which is needed. Many times I pick something up, hold it for a while then say to myself "I don't NEED this" and end up putting it back.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for whoever is having to sew the same garment over and over again for Joanns! I have bought a pattern or two because of displays though. But even more than that, I'm more likely to buy a pattern if it's made up and modeled - say the way that Vogue does in their magazine, sometimes modeling an old pattern. I noticed at Joann's that they have a magazine with Simplicity patterns made up in their Spring fabrics, and I actually found that to be pretty inspirational - it's always nice to see different versions (but that's what the internet is for!)

Julia said...

As a teen I was blessed to be able to work in a fabric store. Sometimes the other ladies who worked there and I made some of the display garments. We usually made something for ourselves, so in our sizes. I have purchase fabric and patterns a few times because of store display garments, but not often. I don't know who makes all of the clothing on display now. I would guess that since most fabric stores are franchises that the company probably hires people to make them and then sends them to the stores. In the mom and pop stores, though, the folks who work there or their customers probably get the privelege of making them.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

No. I've never bought a pattern that way. Now, seeing what some of the bloggers have sewn...that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. I couldn't begin to tell you how many patterns I've bought that way.

mamafitz said...

i've made model garments before (for independent fabric shops, not chain stores). i got to pick my fabric and my pattern, i just had to be sure to pick a newish pattern, and they'd pull my fabric from the floor until the garment was done (because most people see the model garment and want to make it exactly like that). after the garment was on display for a while, i got to keep it.

and yes, i've bought fabrics/patterns because of displays.

Anonymous said...

My Wal-Mart gets displays for their fabric department (which I will only have for another month or so since I am moving) and the old gal claims they come from the pattern company. I assume from McCall's (which is what I see) has someone that makes them. Have you ever looked in the garments? Some of those are made terribly.

Most of them are, actually, so even if I liked the pattern, I can't get past the garment mistakes to buy it. I can accept them in RTW, but that stuff, nope. Usually when that happens, the pattern gets a mental block.

Most of the time the display garments are a little too homemade looking for my taste, have poor fabric choices for them, and all I can think of is "Gross!"

Shannon Hillinger said...

I have never bought a pattern based on a sample at the store, although my favorite fabric store usually just has dresses made of draped fabric on the mannequins.

Lisa said...

Yes,I've purchased a pattern because of a window display garment,very recently,from a small,independently owned,sewing shop. The owners of that shop make up the most fabulous items from patterns,fabric and embroidery designs,all of which they sell.
I used to sew model garment for a fabric store about 3 years ago. I could choose any fabrics,patterns and notions I wanted.The model garment remained in the store for 3 months and then I could keep it.

Uta said...

Our department store doesn't display samples (just fabric draped on mannequins), and the fabric markets display rather trendy styles (besides, I love my magazine patterns!). Last summer vacation, though, I found a wonderful fabric shop and had to buy a pattern just because I loved the displayed girls' dress so much. Here's a view of the shop: