Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Mamafitz, Uta, Meredith, Elaina, Cindy, Summerset, Linda, CarlaF, Gwen, Webfrau, Becky, Sew-Ann and Alison for talking back to my confession last week! I confessed that I never really know what pattern size to make, given that my body measurements don't perfectly fit in any one size.

Cindy and Sew-Ann gave the advice that I was kind of dreading - fit your largest measurement, because taking in the extra fabric is far easier than the alternative. (But I'm partial to my smallest measurement!) Cindy has a lot of experience as a sewing teacher with many different body shapes and sizes, and she says that few people fit the established sizes perfectly. She also recommends starting with a muslin and taking notes on the adjustments that you have to make to achieve a good fit - so that you know exactly what to do the next time. :)

A lot of other people recommended a slightly different approach - well, for tops at least. For skirts and pants, there was a general concensus to use the hips measurement (the largest measurement on many of us), and adjust the waist as needed.

For tops and dresses, on the other hand, a lot of people recommended using the high bust measurement (even though this may point to a smaller size), and doing a full bust adjustment and/or adding fabric along the sides to accomodate larger proportions in those areas. Meredith and Gwen helped explain why - the size of your shoulders is relatively stable during your adult life and clothes hang from your shoulders (and hips), so those are the places to fit first.

Finally, both Uta and Webfrau reminded me that when you are tracing from a BWOF or similar pattern, you aren't restricted to picking one size. You can mark along different size lines at different points on your body, and grade in between - resulting in a pattern that is adjusted perfectly for you! :)

Thanks again, so much, to everyone! Next time I crack open a new pattern (hopefully this weekend!) I'll know exactly how to pick my "starting" size and why! :)

Photo credit: anomalous4