Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Confession

Happy Halloween!

As often as I sew for my nieces and nephews, and as crazy as some of the outfits they have asked for have been!, I have never sewn a Halloween costume...

How about you? Have you sewn any Halloween costumes? I bet it was a blast! Any stories about a costume project that stood out as especially epic in some way? If you have pictures on the web and would be willing to leave a link, I'll include some (and the links) in my post next Thursday. Thanks!

Photo credit: Elisabeth Audrey


Christine said...

I'm afraid I don't have any pictures, but i've sewn a few Halloween costumes in my time. For my boys, they've all worn the giraffe costume I made for my oldest son when he was 2 1/2. My youngest son was born in September, so when he was a year old he needed a nice warm costume, and I made him a monkey costume out of fleece that was warm enough for his snowsuit under it. And finally, my dh is an elementary school teacher so I've sewn 2 costumes for him so far, but would like to make one or two more, so he can rotate through them. Someday I'd also like to make a costume for myself.

I've always used Simplicity costume patterns because they are so easy & quick to go together. I think they are a great project for a beginner.

Now, however, only a few short years later, the options for my boys for Halloween are so much cheaper & more plentiful that it doesn't make tons of sense to sew a costume.

julia said...

I have sewn lots and lots of Halloween costumes. I've made a pumpkin, a fish, a starfish, a lady bug, several mermaids, a cowgirl sitting on a horse (I made the horse and my grand daughter stood inside of it. Her legs were the horse's back legs. There were fake front legs. I used a pair of jeans that hung over the sides to look as if they were her legs.), Pippi Longstocking, Quack from the tv cartoon, 2 beautiful princesses, a beautiful fairy, 2 turtles, a flower in a flower pot, a girl pirate, Pocahontas, Sacajawea, the little boy from "Where the Wild Things Are", a dragon, a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater, and the Flintstone family. There's probably others I'm forgetting, but with 5 grands I get to make them every year.I'm not sure how to make a link in a comment but some of these are picture in past posts on my blog. Some are in the slide show on my sidebar. I love to make costumes. I don't like to wear them though. See my most recent post.

mamafitz said...

oh my, halloween costumes! oh yes. even costumes not specifically for halloween. let's see what i can find pictures of....

a doctor:
an archer (NOT robin hood, as calvin told everyone that year):

i can't find the pictures of spiderman, bionic bunny, the pirates who don't do anything, or zorro. there were also the jester costumes and the egyptian ones. now i'm trying to get the joker finished (the pants and vest are done, the jacket is cut out, but not sewn yet. i have about 24 hours now to finish....ack!).

gwensews said...

I do not like to make costumes. Totally. I have made them, but it was such a chore. Last year, I made an Elvis costume. It was a white jumpsuit with a red cape, red accents. I glued red stones all over it. What a job!

Anonymous said...

My kid is simple..he's been a ninja for 6 years running. He likes them, and I use the same pattern every year, so meh.

I took him to a comic book con dressed as a king Cactaur and I went as Lulu from the final fantasy game, but with the corset I don't post pictures of it. It was...uh busty. And yes, it was epic. He was my weapon, and he had a blast. It was, simply, the best cosplay I have ever done. Since then we tend to do the cons as a set, like Xialoin Showdown where he was Omi and I was Wuya and Pokemon (I have to give a little here) ash Ash and Nurse Joy and the like. Usually we do one day for me and one day for him, just so I can wear cooler stuff then the 10 year old likes.

I make a lot of costumes. I just made an assassin/lady of the night this month for the ren faire, and I will be making a pirate one. Costuming to me is like the rest of the sewing I do...something I do.

Uta said...

Well, we don't celebrate Halloween (although American culture is slowly seeping in; some German kids go trick-or-treat-ing now), but I made a Halloween-y costume for carnival: a witch ( I've also made other carnival costumes for the kids, and some for us, in the last years. What I love about it: all rules are off, I don't use a pattern or even a picture, I just create, and if it works out a bit crooked... it's carnival, isn't it?

Zep said...

I make them all the time. When my kids were babies He was Dean the dog and she was Ally Cat (puppy and kitty). My daughter loves to dress up, act, sing and dance so I've made my share of costumes. She loves it so much we built a stage in her room.

Before the kids, when we were younger we would go to costume parties every year. My favorite costume which gave us a lot of looks was a pregnant nun and priest. I was holding a bucket that said give to the pregnant nuns society and actually made a lot of money that night :)

I blogged about this years costumes and included links to past years costumes if you want to grab some pictures.
You will see Twilight baseball, Nancy Drew,Indiana Jones and a cheerleader.

I was sent a very funny email of dog costumes I'm going to forward to you. It's amazing how creative some people can be.

Enjoy your moments this spooky Halloween! We have a full moon :)

Summerset said...

I've made plenty of costumes, not necessarily Halloween. I've turned myself into a German maiden complete with long blonde braids, and Barbie, too, with long blonde hair.

Becky said...

I love making costumes! Though I have to admit, most of mine haven't been for Halloween--generally for other friends' costume parties at non-Halloween times, or the Renaissance Faire, or just because I wanted to make them. But here's some links:

An angel costume inspired by Claire Danes in Romeo + Juliet (from when I was 16!):

My Lord of the Rings-inspired Elf dress:

Me as a red-haired version of Eowyn (also Lord of the Rings):

Another Eowyn-inspired dress for the Ren Faire:

Jack Sparrow-inspired pirate (and yes, that's my angel costume again that my friend is wearing!)

And finally, two that actually were for Halloween:
A dark fairy:

Me as the Scarecrow at a Wizard of Oz-themed party (we ran out of guys to take parts, so it was either that or a flying monkey!)

I'm also hoping to get a pic up soon of my gypsy costume that I made for the Ren Faire this year in action. And of course, there's my jinxed Cleopatra costume from last New Year's...I say jinxed because I didn't get to wear it then, and I was supposed to wear it last night and that party fell through too! So I STILL haven't seen it all put together. :(

sandy said...

Every year since she was born I have made my niece Halloween costumes: shrimp sushi, Hello Kitty, witch, sleeping beauty, Sharpey from High School Musical, angel, and then this year (finally something scary) a dead bride.

Here's a link up to Sharpey: