Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Cindy, Karin, Faye Lewis, MeredithP, Uta, Elaina, Mamafitz, Sarah, Summerset, V and Goodworks1 for “talking back” to my confession last week! I confessed that I haven’t done any repurposing / refashioning projects and asked about others’ experiences with repurposing.

This question brought a pretty even distribution of responses across the entire set of possibilities, including “No, not really,” “Not yet, but someday,” “Sometimes,” “Often,” “All the time!” and “Heck, I’ve been refashioning, since, like, forever!” In fact, it appears that Goodworks1 has been refashioning clothes since before she was born! How about that for a long time! ;)

Even within the “Yes, I do it!” category there were a lot of variations. Some people called out smallish projects, such as tweaking the fit of a RTW garment or prettying-up the clothes that big brother outgrows in order to pass them on to little sister. Other people described mid-range projects, such as reworking an existing, beloved garment that has an unfixable hole or stain, to give it a second life or modifying an adult garment to suit a child. And there are some hardcore repurposers / refashioners / recyclers who save buttons and zippers from cast-off clothes and scour second-hand stores to maintain a second “stash.”

Reasons for repurposing? You can probably guess most of them – saving money, simplifying and being better to Mother Earth were big ones, of course. Sarah pointed out that it gets her “creative muscles flexing” – something that hadn’t occurred to me, but makes a lot of sense.

Several folks were quick to point out that repurposing doesn’t mean lowering your standards – Uta and Elaina refuse to repurpose worn out or poor quality fabric. Summerset never wants any of her projects to look cobbled together.

Thanks again to everyone for all the great insight! I wasn’t able to capture all the good ideas and useful information in this post, so if you are interested in the topic, you might want to take a minute to read the original comments here. Also, if you are pregnant or have any pregnant friends, check out this great tutorial on refashioning maternity pants out of regular pants!