Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation Photos: Day Five

On the last day of our trip, we decided to climb the Book Cliffs above Scout Lake. The lake was named for the boy scouts, who have a permanent summer camp along the bank of the lake. While there is a direct path to the cliff through the camp, climbers are encouraged to hike around, so as to not bother the boy scouts.

Our literature said that the path around the camp was "hit or miss" - but we soon discovered that the author was being generous! Yikes! Somehow landmarks like "pond", "cliff" and "tree" just aren't that useful when you are hiking in the woods, surrounded by lakes and mountain cliffs!

We wandered vaguely in the approximate direction of the cliff for a couple of hours - convinced that we were going to help some lucky boy scouts get their "wilderness rescue" badges! But, in the end, we found the specific cliff that we were looking for and enjoyed another great day of climbing. :)

Here is a photo of my Mom on "Gone With the Wind" (5.7).

And here is a shot of my parents at the base of the cliff, overlooking the lake.

Our climbs were serenaded by the shrieks of the boy scouts as they dove into the lake below us. (Apparently the water was cold!)

That night we packed up all our gear, and after one more delicious breakfast the next morning, we headed back to the Salt Lake City airport, and flights back to home and the "real world" - mentally refreshed and physically exhausted! ;)