Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

So, this project is a bit of a stretch for my sewing blog, but it's pretty much all I've got for you today. ;)

I've started to think about Christmas gifts. Each year I usually sew something for many of my friends and family members. This year, I think I'll weave. Halcyon Yarn has these kits for making waffle weave kitchen towels. It comes with the right amount of yarn in each of a set of coordinated colors and instructions.

Each kit makes 3 towels (17" by 28") and they have kits with different color palattes. So, if I can get people to team up in small groups and agree on colors, I can buy several kits and make enough towels for everyone!

How about you? Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Will you be sewing any/many of your gifts this year?


Unknown said...

I have one gift in the works: a quilt for DH. I've got the strips all cut, but haven't started piecing yet. The fabrics are all about him: Fire Dept, Navy, Patriotic. If I could find some "Daddy" fabric, I'd be all set!

mamafitz said...

i was just thinking about this an hour or so ago! i need to get my notebook out and make my list (both gifts to make and gifts to purchase). i plan to make quite a few gifts this year, and am partway through a pair of knucks for my SIL (fingerless knitted gloves). i want to do some pyjama pants for my boys and BIL, a quilt for my MIL, box of dress up stuff for one of my nephews, i'm sure i'll think of more. :)

gwensews said...

Oh no--the dreaded "C" word! It is definitely time to start on the handmade gifts. I haven't a clue! Thanks for the reminder, although I could use a kick in the pants!

Tee said...

Yes, I'm participating in our church's first Christmas Bazaar and plan on embroidering dish towels, hat/scarf sets, and napkins. I also want to make some "green bags" and baby bibs suitable for gifting.